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Thursday, November 09, 2023


The Civil Division is the legal advisor for many of the Butler County offices, boards and commissions, agencies, township trustees, officers and may advise or offer written legal opinions in matters connected with their official duties.

There are 4 assistant prosecutors and 3 support staff who work with the County Auditor and Treasurer to collect delinquent taxes and other matters relating to the collection of county monies. The DTAC Unit of the Civil Division (Delinquent Tax and Assessment Collection Unit) represents the County Treasurer in the filing of foreclosure actions against property owners who are delinquent in the payment of property taxes.

Civil Division Assistant Prosecutors
Kevin Gerrity (Chief)
Mary Anne Nardiello
Patrick Oelrich

Civil Division Paralegal
Michelle Mignery

Civil Division Public Records Technician
Leigh Ann Cartier

Civil Division Legal Assistants
Kristina Marcum
Stan Adler