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Wednesday, August 02, 2023


In the area of civil law, the Prosecuting Attorney is the legal advisor for all county offices, boards and townships and may advise or offer written legal opinions in matters connected with their official duties.

He has assistant prosecutors that serve as members of the county budget commission and work with the County Auditor and Treasurer to collect delinquent taxes and other matters relating to the collection of county monies.

The Prosecutor's Office is also obligated by statute to represent many statutory clients.

Functions of the Civil Division

  • Assist agencies with the formation of contracts and a variety of business transactions.
  • Review proposed agency contracts for compliance with legal requirements
  • Meet with agency officials and staff to discuss diverse legal issues
  • Provide written and verbal legal advice to agency officials and staff as requested
  • Assist agencies with resolution of disputes concerning services and functions of the agency
  • Represent agencies in various types of litigation
  • Represent the County Treasurer in relation to legal proceedings involving collection of delinquent real estate and mobile home taxes, and other funds owed to the County
  • Assist agencies in the delivery of social services such as adult protection services and mental health services
  • Delinquent Tax Assessment Collection (DTAC)
  • When a taxpayer becomes delinquent on their property taxes the Treasurer's Office refers the file to the Prosecutor's Office for collection. A demand letter is then sent to notify the taxpayer of the delinquency and to offer them an opportunity to enter into a contract with the Treasurer to pay the delinquent taxes in installments.
  • If a taxpayer fails to enter into an agreement with the county to pay their delinquent property taxes, the Prosecutor's Office will file a complaint and begin the foreclosure process.

Civil Division Assistant Prosecutors

Dan Ferguson (Chief)
(513) 887-3943

Mary Anne Nardiello
(513) 785-5215

Kevin Gerrity
(513) 785-5221

Patrick Oelrich
(513) 887-3640

Civil Division Paralegal

Michelle Mignery
(513) 887-3478

Civil Division Legal Assistants

Kristina Marcum
(513) 887-3481

Stan Adler
(513) 887-3678